May 21, 2019

Accommodation in Matabungkay

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The team at Matabungkay Hotels will make sure your holiday is every bit as magical as you envisaged it to be. We only recommend and book accommodation with reputable partners, hotels and resorts to ensure our clients can have the most magical experience during their stay.

Coral Beach Club

The Coral Beach Club is one of the most popular accommodations in Matabungkay. It is located centrally, which makes it ideal for those who want to discover more of what this region has to offer. The facilities are more than adequate for magical breakaways.

Stardust Beach Hotel

The Bowie-inspired hotel offers great service, comfortable accommodation, and fantastic facilities. You won’t be spending too much time at the hotel as you’ll be lazing in the sun on the beach, but when you are at the hotel, you’ll be treated to great meals and entertainment.

The Pelican’s Resort

Located at the beachfront, the humble Pelican’s resort is the ideal spot for those who want to soak up the sun and spend their entire holiday on the sandy beaches of Matabungkay. There is also a lovely swimming pool, a convenience store and patios overlooking the beach.

Matabungkay Beach Hotel

If it’s an absolute luxury you are after, the Matabungkay Beach Hotel and Resort is for you. The hotel boasts three pools, several restaurants and a bar. You can even book a water villa that is on the beachfront, built on stilts over the water.

La Primavera Beach Resort

The Primavera Beach Resort features a restaurant and pool on the premises. You’ll also be able to access their free Wi-Fi if you need to get some work done while visiting. It is located close to Matabungkay beach, making it the perfect place to stay for your beach holiday.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We will be able to book a comfortable stay at any of the best hotels located on the beachfront in Matabungkay.

Call us today to book your magical Matabungkay holiday.