May 21, 2019

Facilities and Services

At Matabungkay Hotels, our clients come first. We will move heaven and earth to ensure that everyone booking their magical Matabungkay holidays with us gets nothing but the best service out there. We offer clients a one-stop solution to booking their dream holidays.

That’s right, our team can take care of every aspect as everything is included in our service offering.

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We take care of everything, including your return flights! Our team will ensure that you get the best price and package when it comes to your flight and that you get star treatment from the moment you step on the plane. Let us book every detail of your holiday.

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Top-Rated Hotels

Our team does regular checks and research on what is happening in the accommodation industry in Matabungkay. We only book visitor accommodation at some of the very best and top-rated hotels located close to the beach in Matabungkay, for a magical experience.

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Personalized Itineraries

We will move heaven and earth to plan and map out your entire itinerary for your stay. From the time you arrive, until the day you leave Matabungkay, we can ensure that your holiday is fun-packed and filled with loads of adventures if you so desire.

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Engaging Tours

If you are planning your own itinerary, be sure to inquire about our suggested tours to do while visiting. We can book your tour ahead of time and ensure it suits your plans and your taste to make your time away from home even more special and magical.

As you can see, we can cater for your every need and desire. Be sure to contact us if you would like to learn more about our services and how to start planning and booking your magical getaway.

What are you waiting for? Paradise is nothing but a phone call or a couple of clicks away! Contact us to start planning your magical getaway today!